A Guide to the Natural Attractions of Kununurra

Kununurra is an enchanting, picturesque town situated towards the east of the incredibly lush and beautiful Kimberley Region. Next to Broome, Kununurra is Western Australia’s largest town. Visitors to Kununurra regularly marvel at its breathtaking scenic beauty. Here are some of the things you should not miss out on while at Kununurra.

Explore the City of Ruins

Several large natural sandstone formations have occurred in Kununurra over time, which now resemble an ancient city. These sandstone formations are beautiful to watch at any time of the day, but especially enchanting during sunrise and sunset.

Visit Ivanhoe Crossing


This is a concrete causeway built over the Ord River; it can only be crossed during the dry season. Visitors enjoy walking over this causeway to enjoy the spectacular view of the river, and also to try their hand at fishing for barramundi fishing.

Enjoy Glorious Sunsets at Kelly’s Knob Lookout

Kelly’s Knob Lookout is one of Kununurra’s more enchanting lookout spots, providing great views of the region. It’s the best place for a romantic sunset. From here you can look over Kununurra town, Lake Kununurra, the Sleeping Buddha the Ord River irrigation area.

Explore Lake Kununurra

It isn’t just a lake – rather, Lake Kununurra is a habitat for some amazing varieties of wildlife, plants and birdlife. This region contains wetland areas that provide water for the town’s needs. You can sail, row, boat, fish and experience adrenaline activities like water-skiing on the lake, but cannot swim there because of saltwater crocodiles.

Go Birdwatching at Lily Creek Lagoon

Lily Creek Lagoon is an enchanting manmade lagoon that was created after the Diversion Dam was completed. The central boat ramp for the town is situated here now. Many different species of birds nest around the water’s edge. Follow the walk trail by the Kununurra Historical Society to understand the town’s historical overview and to know which birds make this region their local habitat.

Exclaim over Brilliant Waterfalls

There are enchanting waterfalls at the Valentine Springs, the Middle Springs and the Black Rock Pool. These waterfalls are brilliant just after the heavy rains come and go. On a sunny day, you can see how the light disburses into the colors of the rainbow as the waters crash on the rocks. This region is excellent for picnicking and swimming in the many waterholes. You can access this area only via 4WD.

Visit Lake Argyle

Lake Argyle is Australia‘s largest artificial lake. It covers 100 square kilometers of area. During the wet season, the lake fills up and the water flows to the Ord dam. Lake Argyle is only 72 kilometers by road from the main part of Kununurra town. Most of the waters of Lake Argyle are held back by the main Ord River Dam, so even during the dry season, it’s a beautiful, scenic place to visit.

Picnic at the Lions Park Picnic Area

The Lions Park Picnic area is a picturesque spot near the Diversion Dam. It’s a lovely place to take pictures of the dam and enjoy a nice walk in the fresh breezes over the water. Do take a picnic along with you and enjoy some boating with friends and family. Avoid getting into the water, as there are many saltwater crocodiles in it.

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