Sydney – A Couple’s Destination Like No Other

Australia’s biggest city Sydney, has some of the most recognizable landmarks such as the Sydney Opera House, the Sydney Harbor and the Harbor Bridge; a destination that offers something for everyone. Sydney is in particular a wonderful destination for couples – exploring and sightseeing together, taking a hot air balloon ride; experimenting with wine tasting and more.

Here are some top things for couples to do in Sydney:

1. Romantic dinner overlooking the harbor


Pick any of the fine dining restaurants that look over the harbor for a truly memorable meal – memorable both for its gastronomy as well as its romantic setting.

2. Explore nature trails together

Sydney national park is ideal for taking long nature rambles together.

3. Take a private picnic

Find a secluded cove somewhere off the popular beaches to create your own private picnic. And don’t forget to carry a bottle of wine or two!

4. Drink champagne aboard a yacht

You could hire a motor boat or buy tickets aboard a yacht or a tall ship and then sip champagne as you enjoy the sights arm in arm.

5. Bridge climbing

For the more adventurous and athletic couples, bridge climbing could be exhilarating. It could help create truly happy memories and increase bonding.

6. Shopping

Sydney is a marvelous shopping destination; a fact that is often overlooked by visitors. Apart from all else, you can buy some really fine jewelry here.

7. A night walk on the beach

What can be more romantic than walking along a beach at night – just the two of you, with the sound of the sea in your ears and the waves lapping at your bare feet?

8. Wine tasting

Australian wines are among the finest in the world. So whether you’re a wine connoisseur or just a couple looking for a new experience, a wine tasting trip to Hunter Valley should be on the cards.

9. Hot air balloon ride

Viewing the world together from on high – a hot air balloon ride is bound to give you a high and to create the sort of memories that last a lifetime.

10. Visit to the Blue Mountains

The Blue Mountains are just a short distance away from Sydney. You can visit the Skywalk, the Wentworth Falls and a lot of other very picturesque locales.

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