Sunny Cyprus Holidays: The Year-Round Affair

In recent times, Cyprus has become one of the most popular Mediterranean tourism destinations; all the year around. Marvelous, clement weather, a rich historic legacy, and fun-filled beach fun – whether it’s a family getaway you’re planning or you want a fun time with friends, Cyprus has something for everyone.

Historical Legacy of Cyprus

The historical legacy of Cyprus can be fascinating for the historically inclined. Excavation sites in Cyprus date back to Neolithic times. In addition, the geographic position of Cyprus means that it has had a rich history in terms of invasions and occupations, each having left its mark on the island state.

Traces of ancient regimes, the occupation by the Ottoman Empire as well as the British colonization can be seen here. Many historical landmarks dot the landscape each, with an enthralling story of its own. One of the greatest attractions of Cyprus is the famed Roman Baths. Historic Byzantine churches are another attraction.

Cyprus Beaches


The beaches of Cyprus are a huge draw. The weather is mild and sunny throughout the year; so the beaches can be a place to head to at anytime. If you want a winter tan, Cyprus may just be the place to be. Crystal clear waters also mean that you have your choice of fulfilled beach activities and water sports as well.

Forests and Mountains

The biggest island in the Mediterranean, Cyprus also boasts of lush forests and mountains. About 20 percent of the island is covered with mountains with dense forests, making it an ideal destination for hiking, walking and other outdoor activities.

Art and Culture

The culture of Cyprus is a blend of the Greek and the Turkish, and can be a fascinating experience for the visitor. Cyprus has a rich culture of art, literature and music; so a visit to the island nation can be educative as well. The cuisine is unique and also has much to offer. The stew, stuffed vine leaves, skewered kebabs, locally produced cheese and the indigenous wine are some of the attractions for visitors to sample.

Other Activities

Some of the nightlife in the more tourist friendly spots can be quite swinging. But equally there are more family-friendly destinations in Cyprus that families may find more enjoyable. Some fine spa destinations in Cyprus mean that you can have your share of pampering and cosseting as well.

And if it’s celebrity gazing that you enjoy, Cyprus is a favorite haunt for some of the glitterati as well. Choosing to get away from the public gaze for a private getaway, you may find that you recognize quite a famous face or two.

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