Family Holiday in Greece: A Historical Experience

Greece is a country in which children are welcome everywhere; making it a perfect destination for your next family holiday. Holidays in Greece are enjoyable because of its proximity to the water and the number of family friendly activities that are abundant around the country. When in Greece, don’t forget to ask the hotel concierge for a family room; these are no different than your typical hotel room. However, they feature a third and sometimes fourth bed to accommodate the entire family while you are on holiday.


The people of Greece are very children oriented and go out of their way to accommodate them; from making sure they enjoy their food in restaurants to making sure they have something to entertain them when in hotel rooms. The Aegean Sea has a higher abundance of salt than other bodies of water, which is better for kids because of the added buoyancy. The beaches are not made of sand so much as they are made from small rocks, which children enjoy going through and picking out their favorites.

Perhaps one of the favourite pastimes when on holiday in Greece is utilizing your time as a family to teach your children the importance of Greek history. In class, children learn about the Greek Gods and the history of the country, so while in Greece take some time with the children to explore the many museums, such as the National Archaeological Museum or the many monuments such as the Acropolis or the Temple of Poseidon.

The best time of year to visit if you are looking for a hot, dry holiday is the months of July and August, where the temperatures are hot all day and night. For cooler, more comfortable weather the months of April, May and September are pleasantly warm during the day and cooler at night. Halfway through October the temperatures drop and stay cold until March.

Holidays in Greece are not complete without a trip to the water park during the summer months. A number of water parks are open in abundance. Greek holidays 2012 are the perfect time to indulge in water sports outside of the water park as well; kayaking and windsurfing are popular activities during the warm months. Your children will enjoy both; getting to explore the water and see the fish and other sea creatures beneath the clear water will teach them a little more about sea life as well as keep them entertained during your Greek holiday.

While you enjoy your holiday, keep in mind that pavements are not as flat and level as those you have at home, which means some places are difficult to navigate with strollers and certain type shoes.

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