Malia – The Holiday Hotspot You Never Knew About

If Ibiza and Magaluf are holiday destinations that you would enjoy, you will probably enjoy Malia more! A coastal town on the North coast of Crete in Greece, this is a hugely popular tourist destination boasting important archeological sites as well as a rocking nightlife.

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A variety of young and vivacious visitors can be found at any of the 150 bars, restaurants and nightclubs that the town boasts, or the 5 km of beautiful beaches which are a mix of the quiet and the crowded. And there are many more reasons why so many people look to buy cheap holidays to Malia.

Palace of Malia

One of the archeological attractions is the Palace of Malia, which actually dates back to the late Bronze Age (between 3300 and 1200 BC) when it was rebuilt after an earthquake destroyed it. A Minoan town was found to be surrounding the palace and excavations there are still ongoing. Visitors are allowed to walk among the ruins or observe them through transparent roofs erected to protect the ruins.


Most importantly it is the sparkling nightlife that has made this coastal town such a popular destination for young British tourists. Big name DJs and events are a huge draw, and hotels and apartments to suit all budgets are available for visitors.


As for the beaches, they are a mix of the quiet and exclusive kind to the busy, fun variety where you may typically find an interesting mix of visitors and locals. The beautiful beaches also offer water sport activities such as water skiing, jet skiing and parasailing for those who want to do more than just bake in the sun and sand.


When it comes to cuisine, Malia has something to suit every palate. Try the local cuisine that consists of a wide variety of grilled meats on skewers or the hugely popular Moussaka made with lamb, cheese and herbs. Internationally popular cuisines such as Mexican, Chinese and Indian are available for the delectation of tourists as well. And if it is the fast food, burgers and fish and chips kind of joint you seek, well that is on offer as well!

Other Attractions

If one wants a break from the hectic nightlife, one can visit the traditional old town where you will find a gentler pace of life and a traditional local culture.

Destinations near to Malia include Heraklion, Mykonos, Santorini, Piraeus and Athens which can form a part of your itinerary and a memorable holiday to Malia.

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    Nice article! Maila is not really that popular here, but it is always refreshing take a break from the usual tourist destinations. After reading your article and having an insight about Maila, I’m planning to book a holiday there. Would you happen to have an itinerary for a holiday in Malia? Do you have a recommended backpacker’s hotel there? Thanks!

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