Ölüdeniz, Turkey – Great Travel Destination with Plenty of Beach Resorts

Ölüdeniz,Turkey is a beach resort town which is referred to as Blue Lagoon. It is also referred to as Dead Sea as the water remains calm even during stormy conditions. The beach is so famous that every year thousands of people come here to spend their vacation.

If you want to lounge all day at the beach then Ölüdeniz is your best choice. The clean and clear waters of Ölüdeniz can be enjoyed by going on a local boat cruise.

Ölüdeniz receives many tourists during the months of May, June, September and October as the weather conditions are extremely favorable during this time. Here are the activities you can engage in to make the most of your holiday at this lovely travel spot.

Visiting the Beach


The major attraction of Ölüdeniz is the beach. The beach is so famous that it even bagged the award for the most preferred beach holiday destinations in Europe. The amazing backdrop of the mountain is like an icing on the cake. There is a plethora of eating joints and bars at the beach. If you love sunbathing and sun tanning, you can lie down at the beach and bid goodbye to your milky white complexion.


Paragliding is the best way to get adventurous in order to enjoy panoramic views of the sparkling Blue Lagoon and neighboring mountain called Mount Babada?. In fact, Ölüdeniz is considered as the most preferred places in the world for paragliding. If you do not know anything about paragliding, you can seek help and training from the training team.

Walking and Cycling

The coastal pathway is the best route you can choose for enjoying a good walk up to the mountains. You can also explore the dense forests on foot. While exploring, you may get chance to see fantastic flora and fauna of Ölüdeniz. Cycling is also a nice way to get around Ölüdeniz.

Horse Riding

In Ölüdeniz, there are few companies that offer horse riding trips. You can hire a guide to ride along with you to visit some of the best places of Ölüdeniz. If you want to enjoy the scenic beauty, you can also avail seafront horse ride.

Jeep Safari

Another cool way to explore Ölüdeniz is to be a part of the much talked about jeep safari ride. If you want to explore on your own, you can drive the jeep yourself or you can hire a driver and sit back and enjoy the ride. During the safari, you will pass through the ancient structures of the villages, charming countryside, historical ruins, Xanthos River and Patara Beach.

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  1. Fabiana

    thank you. its true that i’m not a beach person, i burn like a losebtr after only a few minutes . but the beauty of the coast was just wonderful. it was slow season so it wasn’t packed, in fact, when i was there there were very few people on the beaches at all .

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