Holidays to Cuba: More than Just Cigars and Castro

Though we tend to think of Cuba in terms of fat cigars and authoritarian regimes, Cuba is a holiday destination that will create memories for you forever. Cuba is the largest island in the Caribbean. The beautiful, sunny Cuban beaches, the distinctive Afro- Latin people and their culture, and the island nation’s tumultuous history make holidays to Cuba a unique and unforgettable experience.

The popularity of the island nation as a holiday destination is such that the drivers of Coco taxis (transport for tourists unique to Cuba) earn more than doctors and lawyers! Restored vintage American cars that are a spatiality of the island, may well make you wonder how they still run!


The laidback atmosphere of the island gives you the option of having a really relaxing holiday doing nothing except baking on the beach, drinking rum cocktails, but there is so much more that Cuba has to recommend for itself:


Cuba’s capital city, main port, commercial hub and the largest city in the Caribbean offers sightseeing options including glorious, historical architecture and landmarks, visual and performing arts, and festivals as well as stunning beaches and attracts more than a million tourists each year. A world heritage site, the Old Havana plaza, several fortresses, the opera house, the Seawall, museums, gambling and entertainment complexes are all part of the attractions in Havana.


Varadero is the resort town, also called Playa Azul, which means “blue beach” where visitors can enjoy a range of water sports on the white sand beaches with brilliant blue waters. A wide array of bars and restaurants offer options for exotic drinks and food, salsa dancing, and an all-out party atmosphere for all the party animals.

Cayo Islands

These used to be the hideout of pirates in colonial times, but today, with the 27 km long causeway that connects the Cayo Coco Island to mainland Cuba, these islands have become a holiday paradise. The main island of Cayo Coco itself has some 15 miles of beach, but in addition there are the other islands of Cayo Santa Maria, Cayo Guillermo, Cayo Romano and Cayo Largo.


Another stunning beach reasort, Guardalavaca (which interestingly means “guard the cow”) is more laidback and relaxed, and a less frenetic atmosphere pervades the place. Its chief attractions are stunning coral reefs and snorkeling.


A charming fishing village is tucked away and off the beaten track for those looking for a secluded getaway with hills undulating down into sandy white beaches.

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