5 Awesome Dog-Friendly Parks in Pittsburgh, PA

If you’re planning a weekend with your furry friend, Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, is just the right destination. The city’s sprawling parks and hiking trails have abundant greenery and are great for walking, running, and spending time together with your family, including the canine members. Many parks here have off-leash areas where you can let your dog loose and allow it to run and play wild.

In addition to parks, there are several bars, apartments, and shopping centers where you’re welcome to take your pup along. Pittsburgh also offers affordable dog-friendly accommodation options to make you and your pet feel at home. However, most hotels and motels have their own pet policies in place. Make sure you review them before booking your accommodations.

All set? Give yourself and your four-legged friend a natural treat in these awesome dog-friendly parks in Pittsburgh.

1. Frick Park

Frick Park

Image via Flickr by hhm8

Spread over an area of 644 acres, Frick Park is the largest municipal park in Pittsburgh. Dense vegetation, steep ravines, and rich wildlife make it a perfect hiking spot for nature lovers. Take a walk along the Tranquil Trail that runs through the valley or stroll along the creek, stopping on the way to let your dog enjoy a splash in the shallow waters.

Frick Park holds the honor of being the very first park in Pittsburgh to have an off-leash area for dogs. The park features two fenced-in areas where your dog can have a “free” run. One is near the Blue Slide playground on Riverview Trail, while the other, the Hot Dog Dam, is on the lower side of Tranquil Trail. The Hot Dog Dam is a swimming hole exclusively for dogs. Your pet is sure to enjoy a dip here.

2. Point State Park

Point State Park

Image via Flickr by edwardhblake

Point State Park or simply The Point, as locals call it, is located right in Downtown Pittsburgh yet offers a peaceful escape from the hustle and bustle of the urban jungle. Recreational facilities here include boating, hiking, running, fishing, Segway tours, and fitness boot camps. The park also serves as venue for various events, workshops, education programs, festivals, and awareness walks. The Pittsburgh Three Rivers Regatta and the Pittsburgh Triathlon and Adventure Race are among the annual recurring events held at the park.

Take the Three Rivers Heritage Trail for walking, running, or cycling. Some points on this mainly pedestrian trail are also good for rollerblading. If you’re looking to explore the rivers, take the Three Rivers Water Trail, which connects the boat launching points on the Allegheny, Monongahela, and Ohio rivers. The fountain in the park is also a good place to relax and hang around with your pup. However, note that there is no off-leash area in Point State Park.

3. Riverview Park

Riverview Park

Image via Flickr by happy via

Riverview Park is another large municipal park in Pittsburgh with a quiet atmosphere and beautiful scenery. The park houses Allegheny Observatory and has a playground and a public pool.

It has two separate fenced-in areas for small and larger dogs. The OLA for larger dogs is located on a hill near Allegheny Observatory, and most dog owners choose to hang out here. Be prepared for a good workout while chasing your dog as it runs up and down the hills and circling around the trees. If you’d like to enjoy watching birds and squirrels in their natural habitat, just walk down into the woods nearby.

4. Emerald View Park

Emerald View Park

Image via Flickr by Viv Lynch

Emerald View Park was created by consolidating wooded hillsides, playing fields, and other smaller parks. It covers an area of 280 acres and draws over a million visitors per year. With winding trails, playgrounds, picnic areas, and overlooks, Emerald View Park offers more than enough to ensure quality time with your pup. The view of Pittsburgh’s skyline from the park is breathtakingly beautiful.

5. Schenley Park

Schenley Park

Image via Flickr by Cam Miller 2017

Schenley Park, the second-largest municipal park in Pittsburgh, sprawls beautifully across 456 acres near Carnegie Mellon University. In addition to long hiking trails and a large lake, the park has several other recreational facilities, including tennis courts, a soccer field, a skate rink, and a golf course. The historic Phipps Conservatory and the popular Flagstaff Hill are also located inside this park. Except for some restricted areas like playgrounds and courts, you are welcome to take your canine pal throughout the park on a leash.

All of these parks will make you fall in love with nature. They add yet another aspect to the personality of Pittsburgh, which is otherwise known for its steel mills, bridges, and skyscrapers.

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