Practise Your Landscape Photography in Arizona

A passion for landscape photography may take you all over the world in pursuit of exciting images and memorable scenes, but if desert vistas appeal to you, there is no better place to whip out your camera than the beautiful state of Arizona in the United States of America.

Spectacular Scenery

A large number of tourists travelling to the US fly straight to New York or Los Angeles, but although both cities have plenty to offer in terms of entertainment, they lack outstanding natural beauty and awe inspiring scenery – although you may come across a few awe inspiring artificially enhanced sights of an altogether different nature in LA.

All the Colors of the Setting Sun


Spanish settlers christened the desert landscape in Arizona the ‘painted desert’ when they first arrived in the region. A combination of geology, volcanic eruptions and natural light has formed a wonderfully radiant landscape of soft hues that comes to life at sunset and sunrise, which makes Arizona the perfect holiday destination if landscape photography is your passion.

Top 5 Natural Attractions in Arizona

The Grand Canyon National Park: If you want the opportunity to take some truly memorable shots, a trip to the Grand Canyon should be top of your list. Unique geology has created a vast canyon 477 km long and 1.6 km deep. The sheer size of the canyon is amazing, but to truly appreciate the scale of it, an aerial view is the best vantage point for keen photographers.

Petrified Forest National Park: Known for its fossils, the Petrified Forest is named after the numerous examples of petrified wood found in the area. The park attracts many visitors with a keen interest in science and geology, but the beautiful hues of the rocky landscape inside the National Park make it a fabulous place to practice landscape photography.

Red Rock State Park: Named after the distinctive red rock sandstone formations within its boundaries, the Red Rock State Park is full of spectacular views and beautiful photographic opportunities.

Volcanoes: Arizona is full of volcanoes and the Sunset Crater is one of the most famous. Take your camera and follow the hiking trail up through the lava fields, discovering how the volcanic eruptions have altered the landscape.

Hoover Dam: A trip to Arizona would not be complete without a visit to the iconic Hoover Dam on the border of Arizona and Nevada. The dam sits astride the mighty Colorado River and is an impressive feat of modern engineering. The dam is open most of the year and represents a fabulous photo opportunity for keen photographers.

Rest a Relaxation in Arizona

When you have exhausted the photography opportunities Arizona has to offer, there are plenty of places you can go to relax and enjoy some leisure time. Try some water sports on Lake Mead or visit Lake Havasu, otherwise known as Arizona’s playground. You can even take a day trip into Mexico if you choose since Arizona lies on the US-Mexican border.

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