Angel Falls – Visit the World’s Highest Uninterrupted Waterfall

Angel Falls, a very popular waterfall in Venezuela, is one of the most beautiful places on the earth. Dropping from a height of 3212 feet, it is the world’s highest uninterrupted waterfall. It is 15 times as high as Niagara Falls. The length of the longest drop is 2648 feet. In 1937, Jimmy Angel, an American explorer, while searching for gold crashed at the top of the waterfall and happened to discover the amazing waterfall.

Since Angel Falls is situated in a remote jungle, you will have to catch a plane from Puerto Orzdaz or Ciudad Bolivar to land up at Canaima. If you want to visit the Angel Falls, you will have to go first go to the Canaima National Park located at the Canaima village. From here you can head on to the starting point of the Angel Falls. Since flight tickets are available at cheap rates, every month scores of people come to visit the silvery waterfall.


When you are at the Canaima National Park, you can watch the incredible flora and fauna and then visit the fabulous Angel Falls. The major attraction spots of the water falls can only be visited through guided tour of 2 nights and 3 days. Your tour will begin at the base of the falls and you will spend one night at Canaima and the other one at the waterfall. An alternate short tour option is also available which allows you to visit the entire waterfall in couple of hours.

To explore the beauty of Angel Falls, you have 3 options. Hiking the falls is not easy but many tourists choose the hard way to enjoy its splendor. You can also hire a boat service to travel around the falls. Another cool way to experience the breathtaking beauty of Angel Falls is to hire a helicopter service and enjoy the magnificent aerial view of the entire waterfall.

When you are at the Angel Falls, make sure you go to the top of it in order to get the stunning view of the water spray produced by heavy water stream. However, when the water is not flowing heavily, visitors can enjoy a refreshing dip at the base of the waterfall. The water becomes very deep from June to December and this is the best time to enjoy boat ride. From December to March, the level of the water decreases.

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    I have gne to Multnomah Falls many times on trips to my Grandma’s house in Vancouver, WA. It is so refreshingly betiauful! And the tall, soft-serve ice cream cones sold by the gift shop are THE best.

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