Top 10 Family Vacation Destinations in the World

It can sometimes be difficult to find a vacation destination that the whole family agree upon. However, it’s getting easier all the time since there are so many locations that are geared towards family trips. These include family-friendly theme parks and resorts where people of all ages and interests can find something exciting to do.


There are also outdoor camping trips that are ideal for families and many of the world’s major cities also have something to offer everyone these days. Of course, it all depends on your family’s taste, but these are some good family vacation spots.

1. Atlantis Resort and Casino, Bahamas

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This resort is located on Paradise Island and it’s an excellent destination to explore. The resort is based on the famous lost continent of Atlantis and is filled with intrigue and adventures. There are more than 20,000 hotel rooms on site as well as 38 restaurants. There are plenty of exhibits and activities to enjoy and more than 50,000 animals in total, such as lionfish, stingrays, and sharks. There are wonderful beaches, several swimming pool and seven water slides.

2. Copenhagen, Denmark

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The clean and beautiful city of Denmark is an ideal spot for children as they’ll be able to check out fairytale castles and visit the Little Mermaid statue. After that, the family can head over to Tivoli Gardens to enjoy the exciting rides. This famous the amusement park opened in 1883 and is one of Denmark’s most popular attractions. The city is also an ideal place to explore by bicycle.

3. Athens, Greece

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Athens is another fine spot for a family vacation. There are some amazing sites to visit, the food is great and the weather’s very pleasant. Some of the best attractions to visit include the Parthenon and Acropolis. There are also some idyllic islands to check out and some historical statues.

4. Hilton Waikoloa Village, Hawaii, USA

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If you’d like to take the family to an island getaway then the Hilton Waikoloa Village in Hawaii could be just what you’re looking for. It has a wide variety of activities to choose from. Youngsters can join a day camp where they can feed swans and fish as well as explore tropical gardens, tide pools, and saltwater lagoons. There’s also a treasure hunt and the resort has two golf courses. One of the best attractions is Dolphin Quest, where families can interact with the playful creatures. Kayaking and sailing is available, and traditional luaus are offered.

5. Munich, Germany

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Kids seem to love the wonderful, historic city of Munich, as there’s so much to see and do. Some of the best places to explore include Mad King Ludwig’s fairytale palaces and Deutsches Museum. This museum is the biggest technological one in the world and is quite educational as well as entertaining. There are many historical sites to see and the city is exciting and fun to stroll around in. The public transportation system is also second to none.

6. Barcelona, Spain

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This magnificent city is a pleasure to explore. There are numerous historical attractions to view and the scenery is spectacular. It’s also one of the world’s only major cities to have its own beaches right in the middle of town. The food, culture, climate, architecture, and coastline make this an ideal location for a family vacation.

7. Club Med Ixtapa, Mexico

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This Mexican family resort offers a large selection of fun and activities for the whole family. The resort is 37 acres in size and lies on the west coast of the country. There are several clubs available that are designed to keep the children active each day. These clubs are separated into age groups and offer a selection of shows and crafts and outdoor activities. Parents can also stay active by participating in scuba diving, tennis, kayaking, archery, volleyball, and water polo. Family picnics can be enjoyed and you can also take fishing trips and cruises.

8. Bermuda

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The beautiful island of Bermuda is filled with fantastic pink beaches and turquoise waters. It’s very historic and easy to get around because of its small size. There are plenty of historic towns and attractions to check out as well as an aquarium, zoo, and museum. You’ll be able to visit shipwrecks and a shark cage while there.

9. London, England

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London offers numerous family activities and attractions. The city is overflowing with history, atmosphere, and thrills. Some of the most popular attractions include the Tower of London, Tower Bridge, Big Ben, Thames River cruises, and Buckingham Palace. The kids will also love taking a ride on the London Eye, which is a huge Ferris wheel. The views from the Eye are simply amazing.

10. Circus Circus, Las Vegas, Nevada, USA

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There’s a lot more to Las Vegas than just gambling and a trip to Circus Circus will quickly confirm this. The resort offers some excellent family entertainment and as the name suggests, much of it is circus themed. The hotel sits on 70 acres of well-maintained land and has close to 4,000 rooms. There are live shows, a midway, arcade and carnival games, clowns, an indoor theme park, laser tag, and miniature golf.

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