Camping Light, Camping Right

One of the most common camping questions is how much clothing is sufficient for a camping trip. Seasoned backcountry campers may pack only one change of clothing for the entire trip, but for most this is extreme! For most families, four-five days’ worth clothing is sufficient for a seven day camping trip. A lot of campsites today have laundry facilities, so washing a few loads will be much easier than packing a lot of extra clothes.


When travelling in luxury, such as Canvas Holidays camp sites in France, you will find the tents more spacious than most. However, space can still be limited in comparison to home, so it’s wise to limit the amount of clothing you bring with you and prioritise what you actually need.

Your next task will be to determine what type of clothing to pack for your trip. Choose temperature-appropriate fabrics that will dry quickly when washed. For instance, cotton takes some time to dry and will not keep you warm when wet, so choose acrylics instead of cotton.

Consider the following guidelines to pack the right clothing for your camping trip.

Base-layer Clothing

Your base layer clothing is worn directly against your skin and can double as your sleepwear. If you want to keep moisture away from your skin, choose synthetic fibres, but if you’re keen to keep cool in the summer, then natural fabrics, like cotton, are best. Layering will help you make adjustments to your clothing based on the weather.


When you’re camping, it’s best to pack a wide brim hat to help shade yourself from the summer sun, especially when camping in Europe. In the evenings, it may be a little cooler; so, bring a woollen hat if you feel you may need extra warmth.

Outer Layers

Leave some room for a jacket and outer layers when packing. A light-weight jacket that will shield you against the cool night air is ideal for summer or trips abroad. Gore-Tex is a breathable and waterproof fabric that is used on some outerwear to enhance the coat’s ability to shed water, so look for outwear with this material if you expect any light rain during your trip.

Camp Footwear

Pack at least two to three changes of footwear for your camping trip. Hiking shoes or heavy boots are suitable for trekking across uneven terrain, while a light pair of trainers will be good if you’re moving around the camp. If you have extra space, a pair of sandals or slip-ons should be added for eveningwear.

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