4 Important Considerations for Choosing an RV Resort

If you are an RV camper, you will either need an RV park or a base camp to park your recreational vehicle (RV) near your site of adventure. Those looking for a luxurious stay often prefer to take a halt in an RV resort instead. Choosing an RV resort mostly depends on your personal preferences and camping style. However, there are certain aspects to consider in order to ensure that your camping experience is safe and comfortable. Here are some of the important ones.

choosing an RV resort
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1. RV Park or an RV Resort?

If you are only looking for a close proximity to your camping site and don’t need any additional luxury, you can simply go for an RV park with basic amenities suitable for the size of your vehicle. If, however, you are looking for a full-on resort experience for your stay, you can only find it in an RV resort. An RV resort differs from an RV park usually in terms of the area it’s spread over and the amenities it offers.

Unlike typical RV parks that usually provide vehicle parking, hookups, and other basic amenities, RV resorts offer some high-end extras like water slides, swimming pools, hot tubs, themed dinners, live entertainment, and other fun activities. Some premium resorts like Wilder RV Resorts may also offer golf, snooker, and kayaking. Pads are more spacious and capable of handling larger RVs. With large patios and elaborate landscaping, you get to have more room for privacy.

2. State Park or an RV Resort?

State parks offer a beautiful natural environment for a reasonable price and may sometimes even offer recreational activities like hiking and rafting. However, they are often located far away from towns and rarely offer even basic amenities like water, sewer, and Wi-Fi connectivity at individual sites. Not all national parks offer RV hookups and many restrict the length of your stay.

3. What Are the Amenities Offered?

Facilities offered differ from one resort to another. In order to avoid disappointment, be sure to confirm whether your RV resort offers the amenities you are expecting to enjoy. If you are looking to play golf, look for a resort that has a golf course. If you are planning to stay for a longer period, you may want to have on-site laundry.

Following are some of the basic amenities you may want to have:

  • Sites large enough for your RV
  • Right amperage hookup for your rig
  • Internet connectivity
  • Satellite TV
  • Swimming pool

In addition to these, you may also want to look out for any specific requirement, such as:

  • Entry for pets (including breed restrictions and leash regulations)
  • Playgrounds and recreational areas for kids
  • ADA compliance and Accessibility requirements

4. How Much Does It Cost?

Cost is an important factor. The resort you choose should be within your budget. Compare various resorts based on the total cost of your stay and the amenities included in the package. Take into account the amenities you are paying for but will not avail of during your stay. Likewise, consider the amenities that are important to you and will be required to pay extra for. Try to find out the fees you may be required to pay over and above the advertized rates.

To conclude, make an honest assessment of your expectations and choose an RV resort that meets them at a reasonable price.

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