Consumer Rights: Need Holiday Claims for the Holiday from Hell?

It appears that in 2011 holiday makers are finding it even more difficult in obtaining redress for poor experiences had on holiday. Travellers are often refused goodwill payments or bill reductions from hotels due to the current economic climate. Tour and travel operators are purely interested in surviving the recession as opposed to maintaining repeat customers. The holiday market took a lemmings jump last year as large travel operators and foreign currency dealers went bust and there was a huge upheaval across many boards of tourism.


A recent change in trend suggests that holiday makers are booking independently of large travel companies, agencies or operators. Whilst this affects the big companies in terms of revenue, it also hurts the consumer as there is a less likely chance that any payouts will be made in terms of compensation in circumstances whereby you have experienced the holiday from hell!

Here are some tips to help you boost your chances of Holiday claim success.

How to Claim Holiday Compensation:

So, what are your circumstances? Do you feel that you must claim some compensation for that awful holiday? How would you put a precise value on the nature of the claim? This is near to impossible – you just can’t. It’s far too subjective. How can you make an objective judgement and provide the needed evidence about how much an incident or holiday experience affected your holiday enjoyment? To assess the strength of your case you should really consult with specialist holiday claims solicitors.

There are a few things that you can actively do in order to boost your holiday compensation claim and leverage the facts for the chances of a more successful claim. It is important to complain as early as possible – this is rule of thumb No.1! You must give the hotelier, operator, agent, etc. a chance to rectify the problem. If they take negative action then this will build your case!

Document everything! Keep written records and both photographic and video evidence and ask whether any witnesses present will be willing to produce a statement of support for your case.

If you are undertaking some form of mediation process then the threat of court action will help you get the attention that you deserve. This will prevent you from being fobbed off with a pitiful payment offer. You must keep your stay focussed, keep your cool and appear to be reasonable. If all else fails and the mediation process breaks down – then it’s time for the holiday claims suit to be filed!

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