Factors Affecting the Airline Ticket Prices

For those that want to fly the great blue skies, you’re going to find that the costs of the airline tickets are going to vary greatly. I can’t tell you how much a ticket is going to cost you, but instead, I can give you the various factors that affect the prices, as well as a good idea on what an airline ticket is going to more than likely cost you.

Factors influencing the price of an airline ticket:

1. The Airline

Each airline is going to vary when you’re ready to purchase your ticket. You’ll find that one airline may be more costly/cheaper than another. It’s always wise to compare the prices.

Flight Tickets

2. The Miles

The further you go, the more you’re going to pay. For example, a flight from Chicago to Detroit is going to be a lot less than a flight from San Francisco to New York City. Your foreign flights are also going to cost a lot more.

3. Day and Time of Journey

Any expert will tell you that Tuesday or Wednesday is going to be the best time to fly. The weekends are usually the most, since everyone wants to fly on these days. Services comparison tools such as Kayak are a great place to check when you want to see what days are the best. The time of the day will also help with the price. Many earlier morning flights are cheaper than an afternoon one.

4. The airport

This isn’t always the case but your smaller no name airports are going to be more than your bigger, metro based one. The reason for this is that the smaller ones have to stop at the bigger ones generally.

The overall price tag

Be prepared to pay anywhere from $50 to as much as $2,000+ Consider the variables and factors above to come up with a price that is going to more than likely be applied to your ticket. Also, don’t forget about the baggage fees, parking and the like.


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