Finding Cheap Holidays to Crete – Some Helpful Tips

If you are planning to visit some good place for vacation with your family then you can go to Greece. Everyone knows that Greece is among the best places to visit. You can see ancient civilization and other historical stuff. However you may have one question in mind – which place in Greece should you visit? Well the answer is Crete.

Crete is an island in Greece, full of natural beauty and sandy beaches. With coastline extending over 1000 km, it is the largest island in Greece and fifth largest in the Mediterranean Sea. You will definitely love your stay at this island with mostly temperate climate.

Here are some tips to help you find cheap holidays to Crete.


The very first thing you should try doing is to make a list of all the activities you intend to undertake. Find out about the local attractions there and shortlist the places that interest you. Various sites and blogs on travel will help you out on this. Depending upon the time you have in hand, also decide whether you want to visit any neighbouring places.

The next step is to come up with a tentative budget. This would be best done by defining a range rather than one single amount.

Finally, start consulting travel agencies to get detailed information about the tour packages available. There are many travel agents that offer international tour packages. You can easily find a travel agent in your local area or you can also find it over the internet.

You may also ask your friends and relatives who have visited Crete or any other nearby place; the logic is they would have shortlisted the travel agency for their visit after taking into consideration number of other agencies. So, you can save yourself the efforts of going through the same process again. However, remember, if they had used the services long back, then the information may not be that helpful/reliable.

While selecting a travel agency for your tour, get quotes and package details from at least 3 different agencies (5 would be better). Analyze the details keeping in mind your requirements like the length of the visit you intend to make, number of members going along with you, kind of accommodation you want, types of activities you wish to undertake, etc. After considering everything else, select the one that best suits your pocket.

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