Golfing Trips to De-Stress and Relax

With the stress and pressure of work and home life, people often get to the stage where they feel like they need a break. A change of scenery can be good for the body and the mind, and simply taking yourself away from stressful situations and ‘normal life’ for a week or two can have a massive positive impact on your wellbeing, not to mention both physical and mental health.


One of the more common forms of this kind of relaxation is golf. Unlike other sports, golf isn’t particularly energetic or explosive. It isn’t particularly fast, and players are seldom out of breath. It does still have physical elements to it, but generally golf is a less strenuous game than others. For many non-golfers, this makes the game boring or slow. For golf fans, it’s part of the joy of the game.

Golf is traditionally seen as a game for the senior citizen, but Alex Nugent, a golf fan and high school senior from Ottawa, says that the whole purpose of golf is often lost on outside observers and those who don’t play for themselves.

“Many people label golf as uneventful and slow, but that’s the point. The game is not about the rush and rigor, but the calm and calculated. One should not expect to go golfing and have a constant slugfest, crushing the ball as far down the fairway as it will go. It is a game of finesse and approach. Golf truly forces a person to slow down, which is something everyone could use.”

Golf is commonly labeled as being a slow-paced and uninteresting game. In fact, its nuances make it one of the most popular sports in the world. Golfing trips are a boom business at the moment, even in challenging economic climes, as golf fans just want to get away and concentrate on their game. Unlike a city break or a skydiving trip, golfing breaks are simple, quiet vacations where people can choose to play alone or with close friends and family in a relaxed, non-invasive way.

Trips are often planned around golf resorts, where players can go and unwind in stunning countryside, while enjoying a number of rounds of golf over their stay. This has created a whole new generation of golfing and country clubs, designed to cater to the stressed golf-fan who needs some time away. The Terravita Golf and Country Club, for example, is one of the most celebrated courses in Scottsdale, Arizona, in what has always been a proud golfing area of the country. Often, golf courses come with hotels on-site, or in very close proximity to host those looking to get involved.

Rest is an important part of any vacation, and there is value through increased productivity and wellbeing for those who take the time out to unwind and recharge. While golfing breaks often involve a great deal of walking, it provides the perfect opportunities for people to forget about their work-based stresses, relax and refresh ahead of returning to everyday life.

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