How to Stay in Paris

Imagine a situation where you must visit France and there is no accommodation available in any of the hotels near to where you choose to stay. Well, one of the options is to visit the website of Wimdu, login with your FaceBook login credentials and search.

Who would not like to stay within 6 KMs from Paris, at a charming studio in the pleasant district of Montmartre? You will be only 10 minutes from the Basilica of the Sacre Coeur, and only 15 minutes from Pigalle and the fabulous Moulin Rouge.


For the period of your stay, you get a complete studio of 12 m square, fully furnished. You also get a fully equipped kitchen with all amenities like refrigerator, microwave, coffee maker, dishes, pots and pans. The rooms are equipped with multimedia TV and internet access. And, of course, there is a bathroom with shower and toilet.

Rest assured, the above does not cost the heavens, but only 61 GBP per night. Considering the location, so close to Paris, this is more than reasonable. This is made possible with the ingenuity of Wimdu, who has brought all the hosts and guests of the world onto a common place on their website.

Hosts and Guests of the world unite

Hosts who are willing to put up guests have to register with Wimdu and advertise their properties. They will need to provide some basic information about the property for the benefit of the guests, which should contain:

  • Contact Information
  • Location, address, description and photographs of property
  • Room types offered
  • Beds offered
  • Number of people allowed
  • House Rules
  • Rates, booking and cancellation details

With this unique arrangement by Wimdu, anyone can book an accommodation at any location at any time. Whether it is for a short business trip, a sightseeing tour, or simply to enjoy a well-earned rest, the accommodations provided by Wimdu are a real convenience.

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