Do I Need Travel Insurance for City Breaks Abroad?

Whether you intend to travel across the world or stay closer to home, it is important to invest in some form of travel insurance prior to embarking on such a trip. A typical policy will cover stolen baggage, lost baggage, misplaced and stolen cash, cancelled and delayed flights, etc.

All of the above situations do occur and it is important that you are prepared for each scenario. Some policies offer a variety of useful extras; it is important to read up on the various forms of cover available rather than investing in the first one you see.

travel-insuranceThere are various styles of cover available, some of which include family cover, single trip travel insurance and annual travel insurance. Your current circumstances will usually determine which policy you choose.

Single trip travel insurance is purchased each and every time you go away. This is the ideal choice for those that only take one trip a year or those that have decided to embark on a weekend city break.

Annual travel insurance is the ideal option for those that take more than two trips a year and is actually cheaper than investing insurance every time you go away, it is also extremely convenient and gives you less to worry about!

Those that enjoy travelling spontaneously quite frequently will more than likely invest in annual travel insurance. Family travel insurance is a policy used by those travelling as two adults plus children. This allows the family to buy into one policy to cover all as opposed to several policies for the entire family.

The important thing to remember is that travel insurance protects both you and your family when on holiday. It covers a range of possible problems, some of which are quite simply inconvenient, whilst others are catastrophic!


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