Experience Egypt the Easy Way

Egypt is one of those destinations that must be seen to be believed. Peppered with vast pyramids, crumbling Pharoahs’ tombs and breathtaking monuments carved into rock faces, this captivating land holds many ancient treasures.


But it’s not for everyone – and if you’re easily put off by crowds, heat and busy tourist sites, you’re probably already baulking at the idea. So for those who like to travel the easy way, all inclusive holidays could be the answer. Forget scrabbling around for public transport, fending off the souvenir sellers or trying to find somewhere to eat that doesn’t charge tourist prices yet is still within your comfort zone. All inclusive ticks all the right boxes and what’s more, you’ll probably save some pennies while you’re at it.

These types of holidays not only include flights, accommodation and resort transfers, you’ll also get all meals and drinks at your hotel, as well as snacks throughout the day. It takes away the hassle of eating out and with everything included, you’ll find it much easier to control the cost of your holiday.

You might think an all inclusive holiday will discourage you from venturing outside of the hotel walls. But if you’re in Luxor, there’s no way you’ll want to stay put. Most hotels make it easy for you to get out and see the sights by organising day trips to the key monuments and several lesser-known locations, as do the majority of holiday tour operators. Plus if you don’t get a lunch included within the tour you can always ask your hotel to pack one for you.

The only thing left to do is to enjoy your trip! Will you take a mini cruise up the Nile, spend a day exploring the Valley of the Kings, or gaze at Ramses II’s incredible Temple of Karnak? Whatever you do, you’re certainly in for a holiday to remember!

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