Chapwani Private Island Resort: An Alluring Destination

Located in the Town of Zanzibar, there is a small Paradise; an Island called ‘Chapwani Private Island Resort’, the perfect fit to revitalize you from this fast running life. With several aspects associated with the island, the island can be called as one of the preferred and must visit place, if you are in real need of a peaceful stay and calm surroundings away from all noises.


What excites people more about this island is the non availability of Telephones and television sets (just for the sole purpose of keeping you aloof from the outside world in order to ensure, you spend the quality time being here).

Location of the Resort

The Location of Chapwani Private Island Resort is one of the driving factors for many tourists from all around the world. Not so easy to reach destination, this place can be reached upon by boat. Located towards North West of the Town of Zanzibar, this Resort is more like a heaven for the nature lovers. Situated in the perfect location away from the outside world, this place is surrounded by Blue waters with the lovely looking Coral Reefs.

This place is the perfect destination for those who want to have the completely relaxed atmosphere with unspoiled surroundings and a few guests around. Just spend a few days, in the lap of beautiful nature and give yourself a much needed rest and peace of mind.

Chapwani Private Island Resort can be a life changing experience

With several amenities and facilities at offer for those who visit the place, the place can be worth every single penny spent on, while coming here. With several On Site facilities like Sunset Cruising, Jogging, Outdoor Pool, Snorkeling, Birdwatching and many others, this Resort can be a memorable experience for many.

Even off Site Facilities like Scuba Diving, Sailing, Excursions and Deep Sea Fishing can be really appealing for many visitors from all over the Globe. The Facilities like Massage Services, awesome Dining are some of the additional noteworthy features of Chapwani Private Island Resort.

The Resort is a lovely small place of 5 Hectares consisting of some great looking Bungalows with a few guests around. Being located at a distance of just 15 minutes from the Town of Zanzibar through Boat, this Resort can be recalled as one of the mesmerizing and a different feeling for the visitors. With the facilities available for the Honeymoon Couples, the options are open for all!

With the simple yet wonderful looking Hotel Rooms, you will be going to experience, one of the calmest places you ever visited in your life. With the authentic Zanzibarian Feeling, the journey to Chapwani Private Island Resort will be a reason to lament on. It can be a reason for serenity and those who are looking to have the serene feeling can indeed pay a visit to the place called Chapwani Private Island Resort, a Small paradise of Zanzibar.

Thus, if someone is really in search of a peaceful, relaxing, calm place, the choice of this resort can be a good one. Have a visit to this place, and experience on your own, the serene atmosphere around!

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