Top 10 Holiday Destinations of Antarctica

Traveling to the coldest place on the earth, the Antarctica can be a thrilling experience. Even though your trip to Antarctica can be an expensive one, it is truly marvelous and you will surely return home with unforgettable memories. The best time to visit the ‘coolest’ vacation spot of the world is from November to March. At other times, the conditions are extremely cold.

Here are the top holiday destinations of this wonderful continent.

1. Antarctica Peninsula

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Antarctica Peninsula is quite famous among visitors who come to visit Antarctica. Some of the popular tourist destinations of Antarctica Peninsula include Brown Buff, Cierra Cocve, Gerlache Strait, Hannah Point and Paradise Harbor.

2. Ross Sea

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Located towards the southern side of Australia and NewZeland, Ross Sea is a breathtaking sea that remains fully covered with ice throughout the year. You can come here to see scores of penguins and seals.

3. South Pole

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The South Pole is the place where you can find USA’s Amundsen-Scott South Pole Station. The actual south pole is located around 300 meters from this spot. When you are at this place, you can go on a guided tour of the station. You can also play Frisbee golf here.

4. South Pole of Inaccessibility

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It is the southernmost or the farthest point of the Antarctica. Traveling to this point is almost impossible. There is a deserted Soviet station at this place which remains covered with snow most of the times. If you can reach inside the building, you can put your signature in the golden visitor book.

5. Mount Erebus

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Located at the Ross Island, the Mount Erebus is an active volcano with a height of 3795 meters. To climb the mountain, it is advisable to visit the mountain during the summer when the volcano remains calm.

6. Mount Kirkpatrick

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If you want to climb the highest mountain of Antarctica, you should come to Mount Kirkpatrick. It is an ice-free mountain which has a height of 4,528 meters. It is very difficult to climb this mountain.

7. South Shetland Islands

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The South Shetland Islands is a region belonging to Antarctica Peninsula. It is composed of various islands such as King George Island, Elephant Island, Gibbs Island, Penguin Island and many more. The most attractive feature of these islands is their eye-pleasing locales and picturesque landscape.

8. McMurdo Sound

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McMurdo is a research center that belongs to the US. It is located at Ross Island. Some of the places you should check out when you are at McMurdo Sound include Observation Hill, Discovery Hut, and Williams Field airport.

9. Mawson’s Huts

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Lying in the Australian Antarctic Territory, Mawson’s Huts are the ruins of a base center of the unfortunate Australian Antarctic Expedition. It was founded by an Australian geologist named Douglas Mawson in 1912 who was the only survivor of the expedition.

10. Lemaire and Neumayer Channels

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Make sure you list this place in your travel itinerary when you come to Antarctica. You can hop into a small inflatable boat to pass through the beautiful passage. It is also known as ‘Kodak Gap’ because of its attractiveness. When you pass through it, you will see beautiful penguins and seals welcoming you.

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