Pattaya – A Modern Tropical Paradise

In recent times, Thailand has emerged as one of the most popular holiday destinations of South Asia. Among the many attractions of Thailand, Pattaya is the most sought after destination. It is a bustling tropical paradise strategically located in the Gulf of Thailand.

The Pattaya bay area is one of Asia’s largest beach resorts. It is the most popular Thai destination after Bangkok.

Attractions and activities


Pattaya combines beautiful beaches with bustling shopping areas and a very interesting night life. The whole city is situated along a bay and this is divided into two main beachfronts: the Pattaya beach and the Jomein Beach.

Adding to the attractions of the beach, there are shops, restaurants, bungalow complexes, beachside hotels, bars along the beach fronts to keep any visitor occupied and entertained. For the more adventurous, water sports such as jet skiing, sailing, parasailing and other water sports can be enjoyed.

A tourist submarine also offers a taste of underwater living as well as a close up view of marine life and coral. The Underwater World is an aquarium that could rival any other and the Pattaya Park Beach Resort Water Park is another attraction.

You can also visit Mini Siam which represents some of Thailand’s treasures in a miniature – there are historical sites such as the Temple of the Emerald Buddha, the Democracy Monument, and Bridge over the River Kwai, and Prasat Hin Phimai represented here. Even miniatures of the Statue of Liberty, the Eifel Tower, the Tower of London, and the Trevi Fountain are represented here.

Other activities to be enjoyed in Pattaya include golf, go-karting, zoos, theme parts and so on. The privately owned Sri Racha Tiger Zoo features animal shows that include tigers, alligators and other animals. Plus there are theatrical productions, art galleries, dance events and musical shows for the culturally inclined.

Festivals and other events are another attraction of this tropical destination. Whereas there are traditional observances such as dragon parades around the time of the Chinese New Year, there are also modern music festivals, beauty pageants, motorcycling events, fireworks and water sports competitions.

Is Pattaya only for adults?

The night life and adult entertainment is also very popular in several parts of Pattaya. Gogo bars, massage parlors, host barns, hourly hotels are a reality, though efforts are on to clean up the city and improve its image. In recent times, Pattaya has also developed a good reputation as a family destination.

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