Traveling to Venice – The Most Romantic Destination on Earth

Centuries old architecture, mountains of history, canals for roads, gondolas for cars, old fashioned gondoliers intoning romantic ditties – Venice, Italy is all this and more; probably the most romantic of all destinations on earth!

Venice is a unique travel destination to say the least. It has magnificent squares and cathedrals that are principle tourist attractions; but equally it has marvelous little lanes and by-lanes off the beaten track for you to explore and discover. Quaint and charming little cafes, interesting curio shops; there is much that delights and enchants the Venice visitor.


Since there are no roads and instead canals take their place, you take a gondola, a vaporetto (bigger means of public transport) or a motor boat (the Venice equivalent of a cab) so just traveling around Venice is a uniquely different experience.

Some of the main tourist attractions are the Doges Palace, full of history and intrigue, the San Marco Square, the Rialto Bridge and many others. Wherever you chance to glance, you will see something interesting and worth exploring – even the crumbling, old architectural facades of the older buildings can be fascinating!

And Italian cuisine… well that is just another story! The gastronomic delights that await you in the city of canals are the other attraction that the city is worth visiting for.

The accommodation options also abound in Venice. While the well heeled may opt for the luxury of five stars, others can choose the more intriguing options of cheap hotels that may actually give you a better taste of local culture and custom.

Students’ dormitories and basic facilities can be a great way to actually enjoy the local way of living. After all when you’re in the most romantic city in the world why would you need a TV! In spite of the facilities being basic, the clean spacious and well appointed rooms can make up for this in a big way.

While some hotels may offer full service including room service, others may rent out rooms to tourists for a longer duration and may only offer limited services of a maid, and so on. The costs would be typically lower; other benefit would be meeting with other young students or people who wish to see the city and really get to know it rather than just pass through like any other tourist destination.

So, keep these tips in mind and enjoy your trip to Romantic Venice – Like nowhere you’ve ever been before; like nothing you’ve ever experienced before!

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