Heard of Montreux, the Beautiful Spot in Switzerland?

Whether you are looking for a romantic weekend, a touristy vacation or a place with beautiful scenery, one place in Switzerland has it all – Montreux.

Montreux is situated on Lake Geneva making it one of the most breathtaking locations in Switzerland. The waterfront is built up so that you can take a romantic stroll and gaze at numerous types of flowers against the backdrop of boats on the water. The waterfront also has sculptures and interesting pieces of art along the way. If you can, plan to walk here around sunset. The site of the sun setting on Lake Geneva is one you will never forget.

Chateau de Chillon


One of the best places to visit from Montreux is the famous Chateau de Chillon. There are boats leaving frequently from the waterfront (by far the most enjoyable means of transportation to the castle) or you can walk or take a local bus. The castle itself is huge – you will climb stairs, discover rooms and even see the dungeon. The self guided audio tour is a great way to learn about the history and how people lived inside the castle.

In the evening, there are many options for dinner along the waterfront. You can even eat at the casino and stay on for some night-time entertainment. The casino is, of course, also located on the waterfront. However, it is classier and smaller than what a typical American would expect from a casino. There are live performances at night and for many years the casino hosted a Jazz Festival. Though the Jazz festival has gotten so big it moved to the convention center, the casino still hosts performers and creates a wonderful atmosphere while you play.


Another day trip option from Montreux is the Rochers-de-Naye. Here you will find gardens, hiking and a great observation deck (only worth going on a clear day). You can get there by train, which in and of itself is an enjoyable and scenic ride. The hour trip takes you through the picturesque Swiss countryside, passing through tiny towns and tunnels. Once you get to the observation deck, the views of the Alps and the lake below are just amazing. There is also a restaurant here so you can stay for most of the day without having to worry about where your next meal is coming from.

Golden Pass train

When the time has come for you to leave Montreux, the best way to go is on the Golden Pass train. If you are on a long trip in Switzerland this is the most scenic way to get to Interlaken or Luzern and visit those areas. If you are heading back home to another city in Switzerland or via the airport, this is still the most enjoyable way to go. However, during the summer months you should be sure to book tickets in advance as the trains fill up quickly and you wouldn’t want to miss your flight home!

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