Top 5 Destinations for Stag Weekends Abroad

There are several elements that go into the perfect stag weekend. If you’re going with others, you need to pick the sort of people whose idea of fun is the same as you – pub crawls, nightclubs, lap dance or other adult clubs, comedy clubs, paintballing, go-karting, gambling, shooting, hunting – the activities and options for a stag weekend are many. It is also best to go along with like-minded souls who are either single or have very understanding girlfriends or wives.


Then there is the budget to think about. And then list all the things that you hope to get out of your stag weekend. You also need to decide whether you want your stag weekend to be some place close to home or you prefer stag weekends abroad. Well, if you decide to head abroad, the following have to be the top picks for a stag weekend:

1. Amsterdam

Whether it is history and beautiful architecture that entices you, or the pleasures of the flesh or just an extended bar crawl, Amsterdam, capital of Denmark has it all. Amsterdam’s canal system is one of its most fascinating features, which has earned it the sobriquet of the Venice of the North. Also among the top tourist attractions of the city are its extended Red light area and its various lures. The Canal Boat Bar Crawl, a karting, a Dutch beer tasting event, a visit to the casino – they can all be part of your stag weekend!

2. Barcelona

This is another one of Europe’s top destinations and the second largest city of Spain. It is a tourist magnet all the year round, for its warm climate, historic monuments and beautiful architecture, beaches and a rocking night life; not to say anything of the beautiful Spanish Senoritas. There is the one and half mile district of the city known as Las Ramblas that has the most happening night spots. Also for those who have sporting inclinations, this city has much to offer – from soccer to tennis to Formula One Grand Prix to swimming, skateboarding and bike riding.

3. Budapest

Hungary’s capital city is one with an ancient history but some very modern attractions. It has literally thousands of restaurants, bars, coffee houses and party places. A stag weekend here can include nightclubs, stag meal with a stripper, paintballing, quads and lots more.

4. Prague

Prague is another historical city with a terrific night life. Shooting, bars and nightclubs, adult entertainment, paintballing, visit to a brewery and even sporty pursuits like river rafting can be a part of your stag weekends here.

5. Riga

Latvia’s largest city is one of the top stag weekend destinations because it is a great place to party. Here you can indulge in private pool parties, bar crawls, shooting, quads, and other fun activities like hovercrafting, visit to the aqua park, and so on.

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