Top 3 Weekend Destinations of England for Family Campervan Trips

A quick weekend holiday is a great way to take a break from your normal schedule and spend quality time as a family. Instead of spending time and money booking hotel rooms for the whole family, consider taking a relaxing weekend campervan or touring caravan trip. Driving is the best way to view the countryside, and packing everything up in the campervan reduces the need to fret over lugging rucksacks and suitcases around.

The New Forest


Just 90 minutes from London, New Forest is quickly becoming a favourite weekend break destination. A world away from city life, the region features countless historic villages complete with thatched roofs, wild ponies and small farms. The New Forest’s landscape has remained largely unchanged since William the Conqueror named the area, nearly 1,000 years ago. Here, families can step back in time and enjoy the scenery. Driving through New Forest is a pleasure and outside of the campervan, families can go for hikes, try their hand at horse riding or have a picnic amongst the wild bluebells, ponies and rabbits.



It’s hard to compete with the scenery offered by Cornwall. Here, rolling countryside dotted with white sheep gives way to stunning cliffs and the blue sea below. The Eden Project, which features incredible bio-domes containing plants from around the world, is its largest attraction and is an excellent way to spend a day or afternoon with the family in Cornwall. Aside from that there are a large number of beautiful beaches in the region, some of which are a favourite amongst British surfers. Families visiting Cornwall for the weekend won’t be short on culinary options. The region features several popular foods including the famed Cornish pasty, Cornish Clotted cream, ice cream and fudge, which are sure to please the whole family.



The beauty of a campervan holiday is the ability to stay mobile. Families have the ability to see a number of attractions in just one weekend. As England’s largest county, Yorkshire presents family-friendly sights and activities both in its cities, and within the Yorkshire Dales. Consider spending a day exploring historic towns such as York, Harrogate or Leeds, then heading out to the Yorkshire Dales the next day. This will surely satisfy both city lovers and outdoor adventurers. Yorkshire Dales National Park is a scenic collection of green valleys and historic villages. Families can choose to drive or walk through the pristine countryside and there are ample opportunities to observe local wildlife and natural features such as waterfalls along the way.

Campervan holidays allow for an incredible amount of flexibility, with families gaining the ability to change or alter plans as they see fit. Hire a campervan or hitch up your own touring van, check that the caravan insurance is up to date and simply head off. The UK is full of excellent roads and destinations where children can forge lifelong family memories, and have the chance to discover new scenery, learn about history and culture. Every family could benefit from a weekend break every now and again, and taking a campervan or caravan is an excellent alternative to flying and booking traditional hotel accommodation.

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