Placencia – Beauty of Nature at Its Best

On the northeastern coastal region of Central America lies a small country called Belize. Placencia is a small town in Belize which is one of the most attractive holiday destinations in the world. If you are a lover of natural beauty, Placencia is the best choice for your holiday.

It has 16 km of white sand beach, enveloped with untouched mangroves, tropical forests and ruins from the Mayan age. There are several things you can delve into when you are at Placencia. Here are some of them.

Explore the jungle

The Monkey River is one interesting river which can be explored through a half-hour boat ride. During the boat ride, you will go through a labyrinth of mangroves and will also get a chance to see plenty of monkeys in action. Once you are done with the boat ride and reach the entrance of the shore, guides will be waiting for you to help you explore the jungle to witness various kinds of animals like reindeer and crocodiles.

Sail the coastline


The coastline of Belize is very vast and is blessed with perfect conditions for sailing such as cool winds, calm waters, and beautiful caves. The Belize Reef is a very long coral reef system where windsurfing, scuba diving and snorkeling can be enjoyed. The necessary gear can be purchased or taken on rent from the local shops.

Go fishing

At Placencia, you can enjoy fishing at the sea as well as at the lake. For people who have never tried fishing before, there are small time schools that will help you practice the art of fishing. You can even hire the services of a fishing guide and take him along with you for catching fishes. Around the barrier reef, you can catch all kinds of fishes such as king mackerel, wahoo, tuna and many more.

Walk on the sidewalk

Did you know that Placencia’s sidewalk is so narrow that it is listed in the book of Guinness Book of World Records? Come to Placencia to walk on the World’s Narrowest Main Street. Various portions of the sidewalk had to be built up again as it was devastated by the Hurricane Iris.

Unwind yourself

Rather than involving in any fun-filled activity at Placencia, you should also spend some time to just relax yourself. Go on a walk around Placencia and shop at the local stores for artifacts and souvenirs. There are several restaurants at Placencia where you can enjoy various kinds of international cuisines. As far as nightlife is concerned, throughout the week various kinds of parties are held.

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