Siesta Beach Is a Beautiful Place for Kids Vacation

Are you looking for a cool beach to hang out with your kids? Even though most beaches have dedicated activities for children, an exclusive kids vacation beach has numerous activities that are primarily meant for children of all ages. The Siesta Beach in Florida, also called as Siesta Key Beach is very famous for kids vacations.

Little about Siesta Beach

Siesta Beach is located at Sarasota, Florida. There are many small islands in Florida, one of which is the Siesta Key Island that is best known for great beaches. The best attraction of the Siesta Beach is the quality of the sand. Its sand is considered to be the softest and whitest in the world. It is also one of the cleanest beaches in the world. In order to keep the air fresh and free from pollutants, smoking is not allowed here. The blue water appears very bright and clean.

When to visit?


Since the climate remains favorable throughout the year; the water at the beach remains warm most of the time which makes it very ideal for swimming. During summer, many families come here to let the youngsters enjoy water surfing. You may think that the huge parking area that can accommodate over 800 vehicles is enough. But the reality is that during the peak season, it becomes tad too difficult to find a parking space.

Activities and attractions

From January through March, you can come here to see arts and crafts exhibitions. Volleyball tournaments, sand sculpturing contests and fireworks shows are some of its major attractions for kids. The Siesta beach is ideal for children of all ages because of its shallow waters. For youngsters, the Siesta Beach is a cool place to learn swimming and surfing. The Siesta Village is located few blocks away from the beach. For getting the best deals on shopping and dining, you can come to this place. For people with physical disabilities, the beach offers specially designed wheelchairs that can be taken to the water.

Sunbathing, swimming, water surfing, sailing, fishing, snorkeling, and scuba diving are some of the fun-filled activities your children can enjoy at the Siesta Beach. Lifeguards are very attentive and can predict the ocean current conditions well. So, you can rest assure when you let your children enjoy at the water.

Apart from this, Siesta Beach has a big playground where children can enjoy playing their own games. Also, volleyball courts allow both children and parents to spend good time together. Other attractions include tennis courts, fitness gym, and football field.

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