Hang Out with Friends and Family at Ipanema Beach, Brazil

When you want to break away from your busy life, you think of going on a vacation. When you go on a holiday at a mesmerizing beach to feel the warmth of the sun, the beauty of the crystal-clear waters, and the exuberance of the surrounding locales, you can replenish your senses to the fullest. Ipanema Beach in Brazil is one beach that is suitable to hang out with your friends as well as to spend quality with your family.

People believe that the beach became popular during the 70s when women wearing thongs started visiting the beach. The trend that started in the early 70s is alive even today. The atmosphere at the Ipanema beach is very lively. Numerous eating joints, hotels, shopping outlets and gym are the other things apart from the water sports that make this beach quite a busy place.

The beach is divided into 2 parts and the division is marked off with lifeguard towers. The western end of the beach has 2 beautiful mountains known by the name Dois Irm ãos which means two brothers.



Since Ipanema is located above the sea level, the town experiences tropical climate. Summer is the best time to visit which starts from October to February. During this season, temperature can rise up to 40°C. Rain starts pouring in from the month of Month. Winter begins from July and the temperature can go down up to 15° C

Things to do

There are several beach games that you can enjoy with your friends such as volleyball, fresco ball, football, wind surfing, swimming, and rollerblading. Sunbathing is also a very popular activity at the Ipanema Beach. The town truly comes to life when the night sets in. If you go out in the night, you can see plenty of pubs, nightclubs and lounges. One thing you can’t afford to miss is the street carnival. Scores of visitors from all over the world come to enjoy this event. Throughout the town, and mainly at places like Gloria and Flamengo, you can find economical accommodation.

Getting around

Walking is the best way to explore the beauty of Ipanema. The town has dedicated bicycle lanes where you can ride your bike. You can also use skates to get around. Other options include radio cabs, yellow cabs and subway.

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