Top 5 Winter Holiday Destinations

Winter vacations are growing more popular – and not just for avid ski and snowboarding fans. Leaving the snow and ice behind, the warm and sunny destinations often occupy the top slots on many Winter Wish Lists. Based on user reviews and tourism information around the world, here are the top 5 winter destinations for millions of travelers this winter.

1. Florida

From amusement and water parks to gorgeous beaches and water sports, Florida is a perennial favorite among winter vacationers. Winter, as a matter of fact, finds more locals heading to the tourist hot spots than summer does: Floridians consider summertime as “tourist time” and prefer the lesser crowd volume and often lower prices.

2. Bali


This exotic, tropical destination blankets you in gentle winter temperatures that drive the bone-chilling cold from every part of you as you bask in the hospitality that is as warm as the weather. Sunbathe on the soft beaches or snorkel among the reefs. Enjoy native markets as you find trinkets to bring home as holiday gifts. The low prices you can find enhance any travel budget, and who doesn’t like to save money – especially when splurging?

3. Aspen

Yes, this is a winter-lovers’ dream location, and the tremendous popularity of Aspen’s snowy peaks draw millions every year. Your choices of ski resorts in Colorado always start with Aspen, for this traditional ski area loves snow fans. From beginner slopes to expert runs, Aspen still offers snowboarders and cross-country skiers their own brands of fun as well. Enjoy the night life in the many clubs in Aspen, or curl up with someone in front of a cozy fire. Aspen offers variety and excitement or a relaxed evening in, meeting any vacationer’s entertainment need.

4. Dubai

A heat-loving shopper’s fantasy-come-true, Dubai has been called a “Mecca’s Mecca.” Museums, night clubs, international or native restaurants, amusement parks, almost countless open air markets, shopping centers and entire shopping districts enable any shopaholic to browse, compare and buy clothing, souvenirs, electronics and so many other items easily. Most of the larger shops can even arrange shipping items home. Enjoy the sunbathing beaches or dune tours: The choice is yours, and if it’s a choice, Dubai probably offers it.

5. Sydney

Often considered the heart of the land down under, Sydney, Australia, is a contemporary city that barely blinks when the sun goes down. This Southern Hemisphere city is a melting pot of culture and diversity. Water entertainment is just as prevalent as land-based diversions, and if you can’t find something to do in Sydney, just take a walk. You will find your attention and interest pegged quickly enough. Biking tours, hiking, deep sea fishing, wind sailing, historical walking tours, shopping and amusement parks only start the list of visitor activities in the Sydney area.

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