Who Can Apply for Annual Multi-Trip Insurance?

For people who often travel abroad, annual multi-trip insurance can be very beneficial. If you are a regular traveler, buying travel insurance for each of your trips can be very expensive as compared to availing multi-trip insurance that covers all your trips in a cost-effective way. It is a very good way to lower your travel insurance expenditure.


To know whether this kind of insurance is suitable for you, you need to check the number of times you travel abroad. You may travel abroad several times in a year for different reasons such as business work and vacations.

After going through your yearly schedule, if you feel that you will be traveling more than once or twice, it would be wise for you to go for annual multi-trip insurance. Here are different categories of people who can apply for annual multi-trip insurance.

Business Travelers

Because of globalization, for business related works people often travel abroad. Since they travel frequently, they apply for travel insurance. However, applying for single travel insurance each time they travel will only incur more expenditure.


In order to build capital, enterprising individuals spend much of their time traveling to overseas countries. For them, traveling to different countries several times in a year is their routine. Hence, wise and intelligent entrepreneurs always prefer to avail multi-trip policies.

Vacationers, students and others

Nowadays vacation packages have become so cheap that it has become quite a habit for many families to visit some of the most beautiful and sought after places for spending their holidays. They even manage to take out time to go for 2 or 3 holidays in a year.

Even students may travel in a year more than once to their home and back to the country where they are studying. Some others travel often to visit their relatives who are staying abroad. For such people buying a single trip policy can never be a good decision.

Your multi-trip travel insurance should include medical cover, personal liability, cancellation cover, luggage and personal item cover, and vacation expenditure cover. When you apply for multi-trip policy, you need to find out how many times you can travel in a year, and whether or not the coverage includes children and your partner.

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