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Air transportation connects people from far and wide. Whichever part of the world you may be in right now, flights can take you to another part of the world in a matter of hours. Every comfort that a person would need while in travel is available in flights. But in some airlines, food may be an additional provision that you may have to purchase. Still, many airlines offer food and beverages to their customers and the cost is collected along with the airfare. Either way we are getting food on the plane and that is what matters; paying for it before the flight or when you are in it does not make a big difference. Also, you can always carry something to munch on; so no worries about food. But keeping few things in mind can help you get the best deal at a great price without much of hassle.

Use Websites


Rather than calling up various airlines and getting to know if tickets are available at your dates, your place and at a low fare, you can use the websites. These sites compare prices for you from different airlines based on the information you have given and find the cheapest flights for you.

Take the Time Less Travelled by Others

If you get tickets for late night, early mornings in mid afternoons, your fare would be less. This is because not many people would prefer this time; so you’d get a discount or reduced fare. Also weekdays have lower fare than weekend flights.

Do Your Flight Bookings Well in Advance

Last minute planning and booking doesn’t always work in the favour of the traveller. So it is wise to book tickets as soon as you finalise your plan. Early bookings of up to 3 weeks can get you a discounted price.

Reward Points from Airlines

Frequent travellers to a particular country can find out the airline that will best serve them and then stay loyal to the airline by using it always. This will earn the travellers certain reward points over a period of time which can be used to get a reduced fare or even a free flight sometimes.

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