The Magic of Travel

“If there was one reason I want to be rich, it is so that I can travel” said somebody. And there are so many of us who subscribe to that view. Travel! That marvelous means to be educated, to explore new places, have new experiences, create profound relationships, and even to discover the inner self!

Travel is an art and if you know it well, you can make the most out of your travel.

Travel is not just the destination, it is the journey as well

travel-magicNot all those who wander are lost, said J R R Tolkien. And indeed it is the journey as much as the destination that the true traveler savors. Pick your means – you can drive yourself, take a bus with the hoi polloi, make time stand still on a train journey, sail with the wind on board a ship or fly the skies to chart new territories.

Though much of the old world charm of travel is abbreviated by homogeneous and unremarkable airport lounges, plastic food on plastic trays and the cramped sameness of the seats on board planes, there is something to savor there as well.

For it is the people that make your journey so enjoyable – the stranger that helped you with your bag, the little baby that smiled and gurgled at you across the aisle, an interesting person in the next seat – all this and more can captivate, excite and uplift. And this is just the beginning of your travels!

So many reasons to travel

There is no better way to broaden one’s horizons than travel. Visiting new places gives you insight into different cultures, religions, ways of living, habits, languages, modes or dress, cuisines, music and so much more.

Travel can help educate and it can help erase prejudice. It can teach sympathy and tolerance and a new understanding of other peoples and faiths. Travel opens you up to so many different experiences. There is the music – whole new types of music or just one haunting new melody and can have a life altering impact. Then there is the food – you can have brand new gastronomical experiences and become aware of flavors you didn’t know existed.

You can see snow for the first time or revel in balmy, sunny weather – whatever suits you. And then on to the adventure of travel – you don’t have to go bungee jumping or deep sea diving. Travel can be about going to a new country or simply rediscovering your own. Simply stepping outside your comfort zone, moving away from the mundane – could be all the adventure you need!

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