Planning a Trip Online – Some Handy Tips

The fact that travel and tourism has become such a competitive space in recent times is a huge advantage for the buying public. The convenience of online bookings, discounted prices and the option of customizing holidays to suit individual needs is now available to anyone with access to the internet or even a mobile phone.

There are a number of online travel portals that offer end to end travel solutions that include air travel , hotel, rail, bus and even cab bookings. Here’s how you can go about designing a great holiday that is ideal for you.

Pick Your Time


Each tourist destination usually has a peak season and a slack season. Factors such as local climate, regional festivals, accessibility and school vacations tend to determine what is considered to be peak season and what is off season. Typically you are likely to get the better deals and discounts during the slack seasons and you will also typically encounter fewer other tourists. So first decide when you want to plan your vacation according to the season and the convenience of all the family members.

Fix Your Budget

Fix a budget and then decide whether you want to travel by air, rail, or cab. You may be able to have a longer holiday and travel to more destinations traveling on the cheap and staying at budget accommodations. Whatever you do decide, do it after checking all logistical details – is the destination connected by air, or will you have to change your mode of transport? Are hotels available there within your budget range?

Decide Your Itinerary


You can customize your holiday by deciding your own itinerary. You may be someone who enjoys visiting just one destination and then either relaxing there or exploring and getting to know that one place really well. On the other hand, you may be an energetic traveler who wants to visit several destinations. So decide your itinerary based on your preferences and the amount of time you have.

Look for Package Deals

If you are someone who would rather have everything taken care of – flight bookings, meals, sightseeing, and connections and so on, then you should look for package deals. You may be able to find just the right package deal for you, ranging from the budget to the high end, ranging from scenic locales to beach destinations and historic destinations to exotic locales.

Talk to Customer Care

If you have any doubts or queries, speak to a customer care executive who will help clear your doubts before finalizing your online travel bookings. Remember to ask about cancellation policies, refunds and travel insurance too.

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