RV Camping Tips for Beginners

RV camping combines the fun of camping with the comfort of a homely shelter. You can either have your very own RV or rent out one to enjoy the natural outdoors. However, camping can be equally challenging if you don’t plan out your trip adequately. So, here are some tips that will not only make your RV camping easier and hassle-free but will also make it a lot more fun.


Check and equip your RV

Before you begin your trip, check the ‘general health’ of your vehicle and make sure everything is in order; check the air pressure, tires, brakes, fuel tank, etc. Your RV should have smoke detectors and fire extinguishers in proper working condition. Having a water pressure regulator too is equally important to protect your vehicle’s plumbing system.

Organize your RV for more open space

When you have more items to carry, you’ll notice that the space inside the vehicle is no more big enough to offer you the desired level of comfort. It is when a skillful organizing of the space can be of great help. You can add small pockets on the doors to place flat items like books, slippers, torch light, etc. Similarly, hooks can be used to hang clothes and bags, and adding organizers to the seat backs will take care of smaller items.

First Aid Kit

It goes without saying that you should, at all times, keep a first-aid kit complete with all the basic medical necessities like emergency medicines, pain killers, bandages, ointments, thermometer, etc. This would be useful to tackle any medical emergency apart from saving you a visit to a drug store for minor health issues.

Food, cooking and utensils

When you are out to enjoy and have fun, you of course won’t like to compromise on food and drink. Taking few meals from home with you will save you some hassle and add to your leisure time but make sure the meal is frozen. Apart from prepared meals, you should also have a good quantity of other food items like rice, flour, beans, sugar, bread, biscuits, long-life milk, drinking water, etc. You will also require utensils and kitchen items to cook and serve food; these can include matches, kettle, knives, wet wipes, spoon, plates, bowls, can opener, vegetable peeler, etc. You may want to use paper plates and other disposables to save on water and dish washing. Don’t forget to take along some plastic bags as well for waste disposal.

Power supply and charging

Since you’d be traveling a long distance and the destination would be a far-off place, constant electricity supply for your trip becomes an important issue to consider. So, your RV should at least have a good stabilizer or surge protector. Also consider installing solar panels on your RV. You can use an auto battery charger to charge the batteries and a generator to operate the roof AC. Using fluorescent lights will save you some power.

RV camping in summer

If you are camping out in summer, you need to take precautionary measures to protect yourself as well as your vehicle from scorching heat. The very first thing to do is to park your RV in a shady and cool place. Next, consider cooking outside so as not to overburden the cooling system of the vehicle. Using an awning or a roof cover is also a good idea to keep your RV cool. Also, make sure to keep the AC filters clean so that the AC does not have to work hard.

RV camping in winter

Camping in winter can be quite exciting but be aware of the fact that not all campsites are open in winter. So, you need to look out for a site that offers RV camping in winter or is open throughout the year. Next, modify your RV for winter weather conditions; check the gas tank for possible leakages, check the tires for wear and tear, etc. Pack all the necessary equipment and gear depending upon the activities you plan to undertake. Carrying chains can be a legal requirement if you are driving through an area/season with high snowfall.


Some campgrounds have restrictions on RV size; so make sure you check it out before heading towards your destination.

Keep a mobile phone or two in order to be in touch with your near and dear ones. Having a few pre-paid phone cards will help you remain accessible during your trip.

A step ladder will facilitate easy cleaning and repair of your RV; so, carry that along as well.

And finally, meeting a group of people who share similar interests with you will definitely add to the fun. So, why not join a RV camping club!

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