Setting up a Travel Agent Franchise: What Do I Need?

Today, people can book their own flights and hotels by only a few clicks on their home computer or on the go with their mobile phone, laptop or tablet. The internet has revolutionised the way in which we can arrange our holidays, but booking a trip is still one of the most expensive things we do, so it is important to get everything right.

It is for this reason that so many of us still like to use a travel agent to look after things for them. Knowing that a professional is there to oversee all details of your perfect getaway is a great comfort, after all.

Online Travel Agents


With the low overheads and easy set up procedures for an online business, more people than ever are taking the route of setting up a travel agent franchise to become their own boss and work in the industry. If the idea of helping others to plan their ideal holiday sounds like something you would like to do, you can become a travel agent yourself.

Obviously being a natural ‘people person’ who enjoys listening and responding to needs and requirements is necessary, but there are no formal qualifications or training needed to get started.

Work from Home

Many self-employed people work from home and this is a perfect way to run an online travel franchise. You can even claim some household expenses such as a proportion of your utility bills, rent or mortgage if you have a dedicated space that is used for work in your home.

Knowledge and Experience

If you do want to start you own travel agent franchise it is essential to have familiarity with a range of different types of destinations, whether that is beach holidays, winter sports or family activities. One of the best things to do is gain direct experience of resorts and locations by visiting them yourself. This way you can accurately help people choose the best holiday for their own needs. Although this might mean an initial outlay of money, what other business project offers a great immediate return for your capital investment than taking a holiday?

Financial Requirements

Of course, your new venture will require a certain amount of capital to get off the ground, but this is no different to any other business project. The important thing is to do your research and establish a comprehensive business plan from the start. This way you can track your finances and make sure that any decisions you make are for economic benefit.

Supply and Demand

Only a few short years ago, if you wanted to book a holiday you would most likely go to one of several travel agent shops on your local high street and talk to someone face to face. The internet has impacted on businesses in many different ways and the travel industry has been one of the most affected.

Most holidays are now booked online and using a dedicated professional means that a wealth of experience is on hand to help people come to the right decisions for them. By operating as an independent travel agent who belongs to a leading franchise, you get all the benefits of self-employment alongside the security of belonging to a reputable name – the perfect way to cater to consumers’ holiday needs.

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