Simplifying the Golfing Getaway: 4 Things to Consider

Whether you’re hitting the golfing tour with the lads, the other half or the family – don’t fall into the trap of making it more difficult than it really is. This is one holiday that should be completely simple to book but instead, it usually turns into complete chaos.


This is why we’ve put this guide together. If you’re looking for some sort of dissertation on how to package together your golfing break, how to choose courses for each group member – you’re in the wrong place. If however, you’re on the lookout for a simple guide which will point the golfing getaway novice in the right direction, read on and enjoy.

Your clubs, or their clubs?

First and foremost, let’s get the equipment on queue. Most readers will presumably want to take their own clubs along, but if you are opting for the public transport route to your specified destination this might not be an option.

However, nowadays you most certainly do have the option and it doesn’t matter what courses you decide to pitch up at, almost all of them will offer a hire service. It also goes without saying that this can stretch to other types of equipment like buggies and trolleys, so don’t feel as though you’ve got to pack your car to the rafters.

On location?

Perhaps the most important issue for a lot of traveling golfers is where they are going to stay. Some will take the no-frills approach and opt for a caravan, but most will be looking for something a little more upmarket.

It goes without saying that staying in the same hotel throughout the week is the easiest course of action, but to make life even easier it’s always advisable if you can find a course with its own accommodation. Even if you weren’t to play here every day of the week, having access to a course on the doorstep is the definition of convenience for a holiday of this type.

Unfortunately, not every region provides such options. In these cases, try and find a hotel that’s at least close to one of your chosen courses. If you happen to be hit with a bout of bad weather through your stay, the last thing you want to be doing is travelling all the way across town. It might not be ideal, but having easy access to just one course can be an absolute Godsend on those infamous washout weeks that every traveling golfer will experience at least once in their lifetime. Call if your “get out course” – if the weather turns sour, you can hit this one up and return back in a flash.

Package, or no package?

The golfing package holiday business is huge at the moment, and you’ll be surprised at just how many providers offer such a service. The obvious advantage in opting for a package like this is that you’ll have the pick of the courses, usually at discounted rates. However, it is seen as a less flexible option and if you have already chosen the exact courses that you want to visit with your group, it might be difficult to find a package that tailors to your demands.

Nevertheless, make sure you check all the local ones out anyway. If you can find one that covers all of the courses that your group wants, the savings can be fantastic.

The dreaded handicap certificate

This final issue doesn’t necessarily focus around a dilemma, but more something that you simply cannot forget. Every course in the land will demand that you present a handicap certificate, with this declaring that you are of an acceptable standard to play on the course. They’re free to obtain from your local club, but you’d be surprised at just how many traveling golfers forget about them. Unfortunately, a lot of courses can get quite peculiar about them and if you don’t show one, there’s every chance you’ll be turned away.

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