Traveling While Pregnant – Some Simple Tips

Pregnancy for women is a boon and traveling while pregnant is not a curse at all. There is nothing much to worry about a pregnant woman going on a trip if necessary precautions are taken beforehand. You can be free to travel by all three means of transport – roadways, airways and water. However, don’t forget to consult your doctor about your medical status before you start up for the journey. Usually prefer that means of transport in which you are most comfortable.

The very first thing you need to ensure is that you are completely stress free. Secondly, do not ever travel alone at this crucial time. Always have somebody with you who can take care and pamper you. If you don’t have anyone to travel with, make sure you aware the co-passengers that you are pregnant; so that they may help you in emergency. Also carry some magazines to self-entertain yourself.


Be sure you are carrying pregnancy medical records with you and know where there is a local hospital, close to your destination. Carrying painkillers and prescribed medicines is mandatory as the closed atmosphere of the airplane and cramped seats may create discomfort to you.

Coming to clothing, pregnant women do not have to wear sexy clothes. It’s always better to wear loose fitting clothes. You should maintain your body temperature, else the harsh temperature outside may affect your baby. So carry woolen overcoats when it’s cold and simple clothes in summer.

The biggest problem in traveling while pregnant is the cravings. Fill your pocket with ample money as you never know what you may crave to eat. Carry those eatables which you crave for often; and make sure how much ever you eat, you also drink lot of water. Keep in mind that you should not fall sick because of not eating or drinking properly.

Last but not the least, prevent swelling in your feet as you are most likely to have this during pregnancy. You can ease the feet by wearing comfortable shoes, which are flat and that can be easily loosened. Try taking short walk like going to washroom, going to buy something, etc. every half an hour.

Follow these simple tips and enjoy the travel with your little one inside.

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    A women must always take precaution while traveling during pregnancy! One must always prevent exertion and must always take rest as per the medical records. the above blog explains the every traveling tips during pregnancy!

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