Burning Man – The Biggest Art Fest of the World

Burning Man is one interesting weeklong event that is held at Black Rose Desert in Nevada, United States. During the event, the desert is also known as ‘the playa’. The massive volunteer-driven event is organized by Black Rock City, LLC and was created to build a lively community. The event was founded by Larry Harvey and Jerry James in the year 1986. What started off as a smalltime summer solstice ritual has now become a huge festival. Every year over 50,000 participants come to celebrate this festival.


The event begins on Monday that comes before American Labor Day and finishes a week later. The name ‘Burning Man’ is derived from the main attraction of the event of burning a 40 foot huge wooden effigy. To participate there are no rules whatsoever.

From baking heat of the sun in the morning time to cold nights and aggressive sandstorms, you will experience it all during the weeklong festival. It is not just a usual festival but an entertaining one. During the event the location turns into a temporary yet happening metropolis. So everything that happens at the event is entirely created by participants that actively take part in. Once the fest finishes, there is no trace of the metropolis and its citizens left.

How can first-timers enjoy this event?

Since the fest is all about self-reliance, self-expression, and art, first-timers need to research and be prepared for the event. To participant in the event, you need to stay updated about it so that you can plan well for it. The best source to get the most recent information of the event is to sign up with official email list of the event called Jack Rabbit Speaks.

To be a part of the event, you need to purchase tickets online. Tickets are not sold at the event location. After purchasing your tickets, you need to find out the theme of the Burning Man event and make sure you do preparations accordingly. When you are at the playa, you need to bring all your necessities like food and medical aid. You can roam throughout the city on bicycles, go-karts and motorcycles.

At the event, you are not allowed to purchase or sell anything. You are expected to share and exchange without charging any money within a set gift amount. Individuals that are aged below 18 should be accompanied with their parents or guardians to the event. If you want to break away from your busy schedule of your life then this offbeat weeklong festival can be your best choice.

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