Looking to Cancel Your Timeshare? Try Out Preferred Cancellation Services

This post is a quick glance at one of the timeshare cancellation industry leaders. This company has been recognized for their ethics reliability, customer service, and results on a national level over the past year.

Preferred Cancellation Services

As a timeshare owner, you should always contact the resort first to see what options they offer and if any help is available. The resort you made your purchase with is the one who initiated the contract as well as the mortgage in most situations. Unfortunately, it’s rare for the resort to forgive the mortgage, buy it back, or assist in selling it for you. So, as a timeshare owner you have many choices and or options available with respect to exiting your ownership. Unfortunately, not all companies are created equally and not all companies use the same format or process. What you need in dealing with any (TPE) is a way to protect yourself while navigating through your many choices.

Occasionally, an extraordinary individual or company comes along. When this happens unfortunately it tends to make other companies feel threatened due to who they are, the way they conduct themselves as well as the services offered. Some companies choose to focus solely on themselves and give their full attention to their clients and the task at hand. Others continuously look for ways to make their competitors look bad in a feeble attempt to make themselves look good, when in all actuality they offer very few similarities, a different type of service, process, as well as result.

Preferred Cancellation Services is a classic example of a company with their eye on the ball. Over the past few years they have assisted in releases and or rescissions at over a dozen different resorts for dozens of different clients. In this span, PCS has accumulated a wide variety of clients (individuals that work for Honeywell, Fortune 500 companies, as well as Musicians that can and have attested to the high level of performance in an extremely positive fashion.

Let’s take a look at the PCS reviews.

  • Facebook: 10 reviews and or recommendations
  • Yelp: 4 reviews amongst 3 different locations of service
  • Google: Dozens of 5 star reviews and only 5star reviews.

Not to mention several others that were rescission period templates that were needed but never recorded or documented, with PCS.

PCS offered many of these people free advice, guidance and/or the template that was required for their situation. In some cases, I’ve read that they didn’t even charge a fee or may have gone as far as paying the cost of postage to send a registered certified letter on a client’s behalf while they were traveling and/or unable.

Highlight of Reviews on Preferred Cancellation Services Facebook Page:

Several months back in March a new set of laws (bill 325) that are potentially going into motion were discovered. Since that time, PCS has developed a new format for accepting payments for client services. The new policy, which consists of holding a client’s fee in escrow until that client is released, may or may not be one of the new laws that pass. Whether the change does go into effect or not, here is an example of how it would financially unfold for the company.

30% – 20% – 20% – 20% = 10% Potential Profit

PCS has been utilizing a similar process since early this year that consists of pulling 30% of a client’s fee from escrow to start the service, then 20% quarterly till the end. Which in the end leaves only 10% as their potential profit margin. Should the client release take place faster than 9-12 months (1 year), then that profit margin would and/or could increase. This company policy creates urgency for the company to finish the task faster which will benefit the client, the company involved as well as both parties involved on the resort side.

Additionally, PCS has added to their client and customer service in a big way. They now show on their client service agreement at a 6 month point an attorney is involved as needed in the battle between the client and the resort side. The details are listed below.

Preferred Cancellation Services has a special relationship with an attorney who is available to assist owners on a case by case basis without additional charge. In the event the matter is not resolved within six months of the signing of the engagement agreement, the attorney may represent you upon the following terms and condition

  • The client shall consent to the representation after a meeting or telephone call with the attorney.
  • The client shall waive any possible conflicts with Preferred Cancellation Services.
  • The attorney is specifically not retained to commence any litigation. His sole involvement shall be to correspond with the Time Share and conduct any negotiations with the Time Share.

In seeing this it just validates that this company has what it takes to complete the task. So, if there was a recommendation that could be made it would be to not purchase a timeshare to begin with without doing your research, but if you did and you want out Preferred Cancellation Services is the one to would call.

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