5 Not to Miss Places in Bermuda

Lying in the North Atlantic Ocean, the Bermuda is an island which belongs to the British overseas territory. Bermuda itself contains numerous small as well as large islands. All the Bermuda islands are interconnected with each other through bridges. Many people do not consider Bermuda as the place to spend holidays. However, people who have already spent their holiday at Bermuda know and understand the charm of this place.

When you visit Bermuda, you will come to know about the luxurious lifestyle of the people who live here. There are many heritage buildings and constructions throughout the island. You won’t find a single unappealing place in Bermuda. Here are some of the main attractions of Bermuda as a holiday getaway:

1. Horseshoe Bay Beach


Undoubtedly, the Horseshoe Bay Beach is one of the most photographed beaches in Bermuda. It simply appears amazing thanks to the pink sands present on it. The shoreline is perfect for enjoying activities like snorkeling and scuba diving. It is the most famous point for halting cruise ships in Bermuda.

2. Tucker’s Point Golf Course

The Tucker’s Point golf course is a very popular attraction of Bermuda. If you do not know how to play golf then you can spend your time at the Tucker’s Point to try your luck. The luscious landscape will truly captivate you. After you are done with enjoying golf, you can move towards Golf Clubhouse where you can unwind yourself and savor on a delicious meal. The Golf Pro Shop is the place where you can purchase golf t-shirts and gears.

3. Bermuda Forts

If you are in mood to explore the beauty and history of Bermuda, you should visit the Bermuda forts. Throughout the city, there are abundant fortifications and structures which were built since the 17th century. Fort St. Catherine, Fort Hamilton, Alexandra Battery, King’s Castle, Fort Scaur and the Keep at the Dockyard are some of the popular forts at Bermuda.

4. BAMZ (Bermuda Aquarium, Museum and Zoo)

The Govt. of Bermuda established BAMZ in 1926 to promote the rising tourism industry of Bermuda. Since then, it has become of the popular places to visit in Bermuda. It has got more than 200 species of marine creatures and huge numbers of birds, reptiles and mammals.

5. Glassblowing Studio

Glassblowing is a technique through which glass is formed. When you are at Bermuda, make sure you visit the Glassblowing Studio. You can see the experts making glass arts by using hot molten glass in order to create different kinds of items such as plates, vases and other items of different colors and shapes.

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