What Is Camping at Reading Festival Like?

If you are going to attend any of the concerts held during Reading Festival, then the best experience you can have is by camping at the site. Don’t worry about all the stories that have been said about the campsite being crowded, the toilets unclean or the prices being too high. Once you get there and follow all the advice given to you, camping will seem like the best idea. After all, there’s no better way to make new friends and enjoy the great music Reading Festival always presents!

Exchange your ticket for wristband

First of all, you should know that tickets can be exchanged for wristbands which have different colors. The color of your wristband depends on the kind of ticket you’ve purchased, such as yellow for the weekend ticket, blue for Friday, red for Saturday and green for Sunday. The important thing to understand is that the wristband is your access ticket to the campsite. Pack your bags carefully and go to the campsite; but don’t take too many clothes and other heavy things or you’ll have to carry them around until you find a spot. Take care not to leave your tent on the first place you see, like the road. It won’t take too long for the police to come and pick it up, thus leaving you without a tent.

Is there such thing like the perfect spot?

camping-at-reading-festivalCamping at the Reading Festival can be a very interesting experience but campers are strongly advised against pitching their tent next to the road/walkway, the toilet or bushes. In all of these situations, there is a high chance that someone will either fall or stumble on your tent which can be quite unpleasant. The toilet is not the most pleasant place to pitch your tent next to, especially during hot summer nights. As for the bushes, people might tend to use them instead of a toilet. If you want the perfect spot to camp out at Reading Festival, look for a big tree and pitch your tent right there. Remember, each part of the Reading Festival campsites has a specific color, depending on the ticked you bought in the first place.

Taking care of your valuables

The moment you’ve chosen a spot to pitch your tent, try and become friends with those who have their tents in close proximity. Sure, you never know who’s going to be next to you, but making friends is a good idea regardless of person. Don’t leave any valuable items in your tent, especially your wallet or cell phone, as these can get easily stolen. Most people advise leaving valuables under the tent, as no thief would think to look in that place, but that idea is already known to the general public. If you still want to leave something valuable in your tent, padlock it and everything will be fine.

There are many ways one can enjoy the music played at Reading Festival and camping sure does offer one unique experience. Just make sure you camp near a tree, take down the tent in case of nasty weather and protect your belongings from suspect campers!

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