Top 10 Travel Attractions of London

Historic, contemporary, vibrant and much more… That’s London, the capital city of England for you. Abound with museums, theatres, bridges and so many other tourist attractions, this royal city is one of the most visited travel destinations of the world. Getting there is not difficult either since most of the international airports have regular flights to UK.

Thames, the longest river of England flows through London. The city architecture is sure to take your breath away. Here are some places you just can’t afford to miss on your trip to London.

1. Tower of London



The Beefeater dressed in a traditional getup will guide you around the place – he’s a character and he’ll show you the gallows, the crown jewels, the resident ravens and a whole lot more. The Tower of London is the history of the inland encapsulated!

2. Covent Gardens



This is one of the most charming places in London. Just hang out and watch the buskers, have a leisurely latte at a café or take in a musical – some of the best shows in the world! You won’t know where the day has gone!

3. Trafalgar Square



Spend time here to absorb quintessential London – people or all hues and tongues congregate for photos here. You can have an ice-cream, feed the pigeons, and have your hair braided and more besides.

4. The British Museum



Walk into this vast compilation of historical artifacts anytime, free of charge. A glimpse into the past of so many world cultures!

5. Walks Around London



This is a wonderful way to get to know more of the city. You can take a Beatles walk or a Jack the Ripper walk or a historical walk in the company of a friendly, knowledgeable guide.

6. Madame Tussauds



Madame Tussauds is the original wax works museum that so many have imitated thereafter. Pose with anyone – from the president of the United States to the British Queen!

7. Hyde Park



The leafy glades, the Serpentine, the Speaker’s Corner and so much more await you at this vast, marvelous, historic park.

8. The London Eye



This is meant to give you a bird’s eye view of London – and you can do it along with champagne if you so wish!

9. The Quintessential London Pub



Have an apple cider, some pale ale or a glass of Scrumpy Jack and soak in the atmosphere at quaintly named pubs like the Cheshire Cat, Essex Serpent, King of Corsica, Widow’s Son…

10. Double Decker Bus Ride



Riding on top of the open double-decker bus lets you see London as it should be. You can hop on and off whenever the fancy strikes.

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