Going on a Holiday? How About Getting a Family Travel Insurance?

Pre-booking the right level of holiday insurance cover for your family is a no-brainer. After all, without it, you could be left susceptible to all sorts of different problems, ranging from cancelled flights and lost baggage to medical treatment costs. Even if you’re just planning a few low-key days in the sun, and you don’t intend to take on any high-adrenalin activities or do anything risky, holiday insurance is still highly recommended. Just think – it only takes a bout of food poisoning or a slip on the pool tiles for you to end up facing a hefty medical bill. So, how do you go about finding family travel insurance?


There are plenty of insurance suppliers out there who can provide various levels of cover for all members of the family. Your best bet is to start by scouring the insurance comparison sites to weigh up the benefits and costs of each type of insurance provider, and the level of cover they provide. Or if you’re a bit confused about the type of cover you need, speak to your holiday tour operator for some expert advice.

Established tour operators such as Thomas Cook provide a wide range of travel insurance for families, which can protect your party against medical costs, cancellations, personal accidents, lost passports or money, and even damage to baggage or personal possessions. This is often a great place to start if you have questions about a policy or if you’re not sure what type of cover your family needs. You can book directly with Thomas Cook or speak to an agent first to find out more about each type of policy.

Howsoever you book, make sure you don’t leave it to chance. Get the right level of cover and not only will your family be protected in case the worst happens, you can also enjoy your holiday to the full – with complete peace of mind.

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